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3775EvolutionRésoluNormalAdd a stereotype to generate or not constructors method in Default classes (SimpleJavaBeanWithNoInterfaceTransformer only)Tony ChemitTony Chemit09/04/2015 11:25 AMjava generation3.0-alpha-4

3760EvolutionRésoluNormalAdd an generic information on an attribute (SimpleJavaBeanWithNoInterfaceTransformer only!)Tony ChemitTony Chemit08/20/2015 03:03 PMjava generation3.0-alpha-3

3756EvolutionRésoluNormalGenerate a new object to init all beans of a modelTony ChemitTony Chemit08/19/2015 09:09 AMjava generation3.0-alpha-3

3752EvolutionRésoluNormalUse nuitonpom 3Tony ChemitTony Chemit08/15/2015 05:39 PM3.0-alpha-3

3751EvolutionRésoluNormalTransform some tag values to stereotypesTony ChemitTony Chemit08/15/2015 05:14 PMjava generation3.0-alpha-3

3750EvolutionRésoluNormalAdd all possible sub packages in object modelTony ChemitTony Chemit08/15/2015 03:22 PMeugene api3.0-alpha-3

3749EvolutionRésoluNormalImprove package tag value and stereotype detectionTony ChemitTony Chemit08/15/2015 03:22 PMeugene api3.0-alpha-3

3748EvolutionRésoluNormalBy default, forbids to write methods in concrete design modelTony ChemitTony Chemit08/15/2015 03:22 PMjava generation3.0-alpha-3

3747EvolutionRésoluNormalBy default forbids to generate abstract classesTony ChemitTony Chemit08/15/2015 03:22 PMjava generation3.0-alpha-3

3745EvolutionRésoluNormalGenerate predicates and function in helper classes (simpleBeanWithNoInterface generator)Tony ChemitTony Chemit08/15/2015 03:22 PMjava generation3.0-alpha-3

3736EvolutionRésoluNormalIntroduce SimpleBeanWithNoInterfaceTransformerTony ChemitTony Chemit07/27/2015 09:39 PMjava generation3.0-alpha-2

3705EvolutionRésoluNormalUpgrade jdk requirements to 7Tony ChemitTony Chemit08/09/2015 09:50 AMdependencies3.0-alpha-2

3704EvolutionRésoluNormalUse helper-maven-plugin 2.2Tony ChemitTony Chemit05/26/2015 07:46 AMdependencies3.0-alpha-2

3701EvolutionRésoluNormalUse nuitonpom 2.1Tony ChemitTony Chemit05/24/2015 05:19 PMdependencies3.0-alpha-2

3697EvolutionRésoluNormalUpdate dependenciesTony ChemitTony Chemit05/24/2015 03:32 PMdependencies3.0-alpha-1

3696EvolutionNouveauNormalRethink the generator APITony Chemit05/24/2015 02:54 PMeugene api3.0

3693EvolutionRésoluNormalDo generate if model properties file is modifyTony ChemitTony Chemit05/24/2015 10:58 AMplugin maven3.0-alpha-1

3490EvolutionNouveauNormalAllow eugene to choose what to do in case of validation errorBrendan Le Ny08/29/2014 05:23 PM3.0

3489EvolutionRésoluNormalChange default configuration to fail in case of validation error by defaultBrendan Le NyTony Chemit05/24/2015 01:35 PM3.0-alpha-1

3394EvolutionRésoluNormalAdd some useful method to get tag-values in TagValueDefinitionProviderTony ChemitTony Chemit08/06/2014 08:29 AMeugene api2.13

3391EvolutionRésoluNormalAdd a generatePropertyChangeListener tag-value to generate pcs on beansTony ChemitTony Chemit08/06/2014 08:29 AMjava generation2.13

3390EvolutionRésoluNormalAdd a generateNotEmptyCollections tag-value to avoid any NPE in collectionsTony ChemitTony Chemit08/06/2014 08:29 AMjava generation2.13

3285EvolutionRésoluNormalAdd a findDirectTagValue methodTony ChemitTony Chemit07/06/2014 01:58 PMeugene api2.12

3279EvolutionRésoluHautIntroduce package scope in object modelTony ChemitTony Chemit10/27/2014 08:39 AM2.12

3262EvolutionRésoluNormalAdd defaultValue support in EugeneTagValuesArnaud ThimelArnaud Thimel06/18/2014 04:50 PMjava generation2.11

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